Most organizations today consider data science and machine learning to be amongst their critical business and IT priorities. Machine learning in particular is key to operational efficiencies and subsequently, for business growth.

However, the Gartner Data Science Survey found that over 60% of models developed with the intention of automating and optimizing business processes were never actually operationalized. Likewise, 76% of the CFO’s identify insufficient forward-looking information in actual metrics.

Crucial reasons for those are the lack of skilled teams and time to market that enable extended enterprise usage, which rests entirely on the efficient deployment of the initiatives. Deployment, in this definition, extends to the ongoing review and adjustment of models to ensure their relevancy over time as the business and its requirements evolve.

Alma Partners offers its expertise in implementing forward-thinking aligned with EPM Applications and their Data. Whether clients need our assistance in specific line of business functions or capitalizing on our leadership position in the financial domain, we are there for them. Alma Partners offers end-to-end implementation of Tools, Applications and Platforms seamlessly bridging:

Data Science & Machine Learning (ML)

Business Intelligence (BI), Business Analytics (BA)
& Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Low-Code & No-Code
Applications Development

The data science and machine learning (ML) tools complement the business analytics (BA) and business intelligence (BI) platforms. The low-code and no-code approach are attractive to a broad spectrum of users, ranging from business and data analysts to citizen data scientists. A focus on user-friendliness and cohesiveness of the platform enables augmented collaboration between users. From “point” solutions to global deployments, our data services teams can assist you in the most sophisticated of requirements.








Hiring and training Data Scientists and Data Analysts internally is costly while other business requirements continue to grow

New technology and software solutions take substantial amounts of time to develop and implement while companies allocate limited resources to IT infrastructure.

Time to value and time to market are crucial metrics to compete on long-term in any industry.

Because predictive analytics is at the heart of business growth and competitive advantage, artificial intelligence and machine learning will be able to explore new solutions for maximizing revenues, reducing costs

  • A team of senior consultants to assist you during and after your project
  • A project team with functional and technical knowledge
  • An understanding of your business issues based on many similar projects


Payroll budget, finances.

Disclosure Management.

Budget, planification and previsions.

Consolidation and closure.

Management reporting.

Reglementations (IFRS, Solevency II, Bâle III)


The wide range of products available in the market offers a breadth and depth of capabilities, as well as varied approaches to developing, operationalizing and managing models. It is therefore important to evaluate business-specific needs when assessing vendors. To this end, advisory services is one of our specialities.

Data scientists prefer to code data science models in Python, R, Elastic Search or Syplex to build and run data models. Other users are most comfortable building models by using a point-and-click UI to create visuals such as Qlik, Tableau, Power BI or Pocket Result. Meanwhile, data analyst industry leaders offer an Enterprise AI platform such as Watson, Dataiku and Databricks to line of business users.

Many members of emerging citizen data science communities favour a much more augmented approach that uses ML techniques “behind the scenes” to guide less technically savvy data scientists through the model building and operationalization process. This usage of no-code applications development tools platforms or low-code applications is enabled through platforms such as Outsystems and Mendix.

From BI to AI and from predictive to prescriptive, they all apply to the analysis of solutions and the execution of robust decision making across your company’s different domains. Alma Partner leverages its 10 years of experience in multi-market segments, creating “One-size-fits-One” applications with IBM Planning Analytics, SPSS, Tagetik, Jedox and Adaptive Insight. We offer packaged solutions boosting more than 250 EPM implementations.


Our Professional Data Scientists, EPM, Finance and Business Analysts can join you for a mission in less than 48 hours notice on a OPEX payment mode.

With low up-front capital expenditure, Alma Partners helps companies obtain AI modelling results based on algorithm models in 5 days. This service includes all necessary activities & technologies resources for everything from the definition of the business case to delivering insightful reports and analytics. We achieve this through our proven methodology STARTER KIT SMART DATA, described below.

We can deliver UI low-code, no-code “One-size-fits-One” applications in less than 8 weeks notwithstanding complex situations. This means we are able to quickly make adjustments or initiate new actions based on the results of our service.

With cloud- based EPM solutions, the effort and costs of setting up infrastructure is eliminated. You can be up and running with your EPM applications in 3-6 months. Faster time to value is possible if we deploy our ready packaged ALMA EPM offers.

Last, but not least, we can deliver fully integrated solutions that bring together Data Science and Machine Learning, No, Low Code and BI, BA, EPM according to your specifics needs and timing.


Get started a 5 days – 5.000€ with smart Data Model kit and then grow as your business requirements increase.


IDENTIFY the relevant business issue
(simple & quick-win)

ASSIST on the structuring
& documentation of requirements

ELABORATE prescriptive models
scenarios to solve business issue

EVALUATE relevance and make

TEST the model selected with operational data and deploy with visualisation

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter au webinaire ALMA | SISENSE

Un regard sur l’évolution du marché de la BI vers une nouvelle génération d’applications analytiques IN-CHIP intégrants l’intelligence artificielle.

Désormais, chacun d’entre nous peut valoriser son expertise métier et les données à notre disposition en créant ces applications analytiques et en les embarquant dans les applications métiers clients.


Il ne s’agit plus uniquement d’analyser et de prédire le futur. Mais surtout d’agir et de changer les données directement dans vos applications métier.
Comment bâtir vos applications analytiques en remote en quelques jours en garantissant la bonne gouvernance des données ?
Transformez votre Investissement en Profit : La monétisation des Apps à l’exemple de GE Healthcare avec SISENSE

Avec Charles HOLIVE, Directeur de la Stratégie & Data Monetization SISENSE, Ahlam NARHAM, Data Scientist IENA et Andréa Gauthier, Fondatrice ALMA Partners.




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